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5 Reasons to Choose Six Month Smiles

February 12th, 2018

By Battle Road Dental

It’s felt like a long winter here in the UK, but Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and that can only mean one thing – spring is nearly here. Spring is a time of year that is typically connected with optimism, new life and rebirth, and is traditionally a time that we look towards the future – which makes it the perfect time to look at getting your teeth straightened. This is even more so if you are planning the perfect summer getaway, preparing for a summer wedding or getting ready for any other big event. So why choose Six Month Smiles? Here are five good reasons.

1. Your smile matters

Many adults have suffered for years with crooked teeth and avoided treatment, either because they were unaware that it was possible for older people or because they didn’t believe that they could justify investing in what is often perceived as a purely cosmetic treatment. Of course, a nice straight smile helps us to look great in photos, but the benefits reach far beyond that. Surveys indicate that adults with crooked teeth tend to lack confidence, and this can have an impact on both their personal and professional lives, and even make people reluctant to apply for a promotion or a new job, especially if it involves speaking in front of others. As a result, many people are missing out on opportunities purely because of their teeth. Our teeth also play a part in the appearance of ageing, which can be offset with teeth straightening, helping you to appear younger for longer. And of course, with a smile to be proud of, you’ll also be happier and this will have a positive impact on everyone around you.

2. It’s discreet

Another reason many adults avoid having their teeth straightened is that they imagine needing to wear unsightly metal braces, often referred to as ‘train tracks’, for months and months. Luckily, with Six Month Smiles, this is far from the case. The advanced, modern technology uses clear braces that are almost invisible to all but the trained eye. In fact, most people will never even know that you are having your teeth straightened – until you are ready to surprise them with a perfect smile.

3. It’s affordable

Dental care has gained a reputation over recent years for being costly, and this is especially the case with cosmetic treatments such a teeth straightening. However, getting your teeth straightened with Six Month Smiles is actually highly affordable. Indeed, given the benefit that a straighter smile will offer you, it is an investment that is guaranteed to earn its value back time and again.

4. It’s effective

Six Month Smiles is a tried and tested approach to adult teeth straightening that has worked for thousands of adults. The secret to its effectiveness lies in the revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials, and innovative thought. In the vast majority of cases, the entire process takes an average of just six months, which is considerably shorter than the time required by traditional braces to get the same effect. The Six Month Smiles approach is safe, gentle and harmless to your teeth but delivers excellent results.

5. Start today to be ready for summer

Although the treatment time will vary from person to person, the majority of people obtain their desired results in just six months. This means that if you start your Six Month Smiles treatment now, you have a great chance of having a perfect smile before your summer holiday, or indeed any other summer events you might have in your calendar. Don’t waste time though – you’ll need a consultation first to ensure that the treatment is suitable for you, so we advise that you book an appointment as soon as possible.

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